Our manufacturing site

The establishment of EYCO in Trets, on the Aix-Marseille-Provence territory and in the high-tech fabric of the French Silicon Valley, is no coincidence.

Built in 2022, the EYCO site fertilises this ecosystem, thanks to its proximity to the actors and partners of the microelectronics sector already present.

Since its construction in a remarkable natural environment, EYCO has been putting into practice the highest level of eco-responsible commitment in a manufacturing environment.

Factory 5.0

EYCO has designed its manufacturing site in a break from the factory 4.0. principle. In the spirit of 5.0 and its reality, EYCO puts people at the centre of the production process. People and machines reinforce and complement each other.



0 Water Discharge

For EYCO, there is no new manufacturing tool that is not at the forefront of sustainable development. Thus, our site integrates a “0 water discharge” technology from the outset. Based on vacuum evaporation, it enables the maximum treatment and recycling of effluent.




Our ecological requirement also extends to the maintenance of premises with committed local service providers and biodegradable products. But also, on a daily basis, through close, rigorous waste management, “paperless” reflexes…


Continuous improvement and a high standard of quality are the obvious and necessary cornerstones of our company. Quality concerns and involves every employee.

Eyco has been ISO 9001 certified since April 2024.

EYCO is developing its environmental management system in accordance with the 14001 standard.