EYCO Academy

An in-house school to grow and expand

For EYCO, each employee has an important role in the company and participates in the success of its projects.
That’s why EYCO created its in-house school. EYCO Academy welcomes all candidates and new recruits who are not trained in its technical business lines so they grow with it.
Set up in conjunction with the teaching expertise of the UIMM of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, two training paths are offered, pre- and post-recruitment, with the same attention to soft skills.

Pre-recruitment certifying training

After selection prioritising qualities, know-how and motivation, candidates for future EYCO operators can, without initial training in the industrial sector and automated production sector, benefit from a 47-day course prior to recruitment.
The objective is to enable CPQ certification to be obtained, with 70 % of subjects taught before recruitment and 30 % acquired in continuous training (6 to 8 months after recruitment).
The new autonomous and qualified line operators can also join EYCO on a permanent basis, without a trial period.

Continuous training after recruitment

Upon permanent recruitment, EYCO accompanies the professional development of each employee, offering extremely enriching training on 4 levels of skills.
Provided and validated by experienced EYCO staff, AFEST (Action de Formation En Situation de Travail – Action for On the Job Training) certified, these courses assist with increasing skills and taking on more responsibility: operator, super operator, team leader, production manager.
For those who so wish, a series of gateways provides the chance to seize opportunities in other assignments and business lines, such as maintenance assistant or warehouse assistant.
Job title and salaries are reviewed in accordance with skill levels.

Training employees as actors

EYCO, a company that provides training and certification, also wishes to ensure each of its staff is an actor in their own professional future and an actor in EYCO’s future.

The more involved and the better trained they are, the greater their contribution to their own satisfaction and the development of the company.

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